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(they called me back in regards to my online request 1. Is a historian, archaeologist, classical scholar and professor emeritus of greek and latin at the ohio state university. In the wild, eggs are laid at the peak of the dry season so the nest will not be washed away. Cleopatra was a greek macedonian pure and simple.

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Readhead tanya facial. By doing so, we increase productivity, tolerance and fulfilment. To kate: your comments are worthwhile and interesting but really have nothing to do with cleopatra herself. It is likely that herodotus got most of his sources from athens, who around the mid fifth-century would have wished to paint the macedonian king (as opposed to the general people) as greek in order to maintain a steady supply of pitch and timber from the macedonian forests, to maintain their navy. Using cover-all terminology based on modern-day bias and subjective statements out of context does not help demonstrate your beliefs or answer the issue. There is no such thing as macedonian greek ethnicity for a historian you dont know much macedonian and greek are two separate ethnicities and i find it offensive when you refer to this mix, macedonians are macedonians stop distorting history, there is no greek in this elemant whatsoever. Get over it we come from royalty.

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The main issue here, is the white mans continually fetish to steal & claim what has never been theirs. It has become an issue in contemporary politics, and over 2500 years ago the greek historian herodotos wrote that ethnicity was regularly turned to political ends. Greeks seem to proclaim everything belongs to them.