Is miley cyrus a lesbian

Miley cyrus lesbian relationships - miley cyrus admits shes had non-straight hookups


We love a gay loving legend, go off sis. There are times in my life where i’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends,” she continues. I love you so much angel. For me, i don’t want to label myself as anything,”.

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Is miley cyrus a lesbian. On the issue of homelessness she says: “it’s like the birds chirping. Jack whitehall joked his. Gay star news ltd is a company registered in england and wales (7719609). And as many people know, miley is also a major supporter of the lgbtq community.

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In fact, she takes any insinuation as a compliment. : because they both have a peculiar sense of humor. She says her first ever relationship was with another female but that she’s never enjoyed “acting like a girl” herself.

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