Glory hole at lake ohywee

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Will it spill over again in 2017? Potential energy (height above datum). Photo by ron huckins of a winter sunset on the owyhee river near adrian oregon. If the turbulence is particularly bad (although they try to avoid this so not too much speed is lost to friction), then localized pressure from vortices may burst your ear-drums. Skateboarding in mammoth water pipes such as this damn outlet or the central arizona project pipes in arizona, usa pre-date the use of the term half-pipe.

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Owyhee reservoir

Owyhee dam spillway3-25-17 overflowing owyhee dam glory hole spillway dji mavic drone 4kFogonazos: the largest drain hole in the world

Glory hole at lake ohywee. This will be pretty much 1 atmosphere throughout the system. So there is very little head converted into. With the current forecast, king anticipates the spillway effect will remain for the next couple of weeks. Then it is a question of at what angle the pipe goes from the entrance to vertical and then to horizontal. When traversing this thing while it’s active, the issue really isn’t pressure.


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The spillway, which drops straight down more than 200 feet, is known as the glory hole. This sort of drain is common enough on large dams.